Learn To Eat According To Your Age Group

These days, the quest for a healthier lifestyle and positive eating habits is what most people are wanting. Increasing life expectancy and worrying about ‘how’ you will live in the next few years is almost the rule nowadays.

We all know that a good diet can influence our health and the willingness we have to face the day to day. The secret is not just eating fruits and vegetables. It’s about eating a balanced diet with all foods in the right amounts. That’s because our bodies need a little of each food for us to have a healthy life.

This change in thinking usually happens because the person also changes over time. When we’re younger, we usually don’t care much about what we eat. And as we get older, these questions start to arise and the concern with what to eat becomes a reality.

And if life’s constant is this change, food must also follow it. That’s why there are recommended diets for different age groups. Here we show what to eat in each of them.

at 20 years old

In this age group, the person is at the peak of their physical health. Because of this, she probably overindulges in drinks, skips meals and eats fast food. But be careful.

It is recommended to eat cheese. This is because the intense bone growth, which begins in adolescence and continues until around 25-30 years, makes this the last opportunity for a person to surrender to calcium, before starting the inevitable process of loss of bone mass.

The important thing is to guarantee the body 700 milligrams of calcium a day, which is equivalent to more than 400 ml of milk or 100 grams of cheese. However, pay attention! Don’t fill up on soda because the phosphoric acid in the drink prevents the nutrient from being absorbed. And that goes for any age group.

at 30 years old

If the person is in this age group and is very tired, don’t turn to coffee or cola-based soft drinks. Instead, at mealtimes it is recommended to fill your plate with low glycemic index carbohydrates and a little protein. Also, in this age group, it’s important to try apricot, because it releases energy slowly.

at 40 years old

When a person reaches this age group, her metabolic rate is 10% lower than when she was 30 years old. This means that the person has to take more care of their weight. It is recommended to eat less, or invest more in exercise.

It is important for women to eat meat. Because with the erratic and heavy menstrual cycle, they are more likely to become anemic. That’s why it’s important to eat lean meats, eggs, beans and whole grains three to four times a week.

In addition, it is also important to include foods rich in vitamin C in meals so that iron absorption is increased. Also include soy and foods rich in estrogen-like compounds such as lentils. It and soy help balance hormone levels in this age group.

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Malaria Vaccine May Be Available Soon

CBS News recently revealed, through a report, that a new malaria vaccine could be available soon. The new immunizer, according to the CBS News report, proved, through tests, to be highly effective. The news, obviously, is considered by science as a sign of hope, after all, malaria today is one of the deadliest diseases in the world – as difficult to be controlled as the new coronavirus.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that the disease affects about 230 million people annually and kills about 400,000, most of them children under the age of five. “The new tests showed very exciting results. We’ve seen unprecedented levels of efficacy in a vaccine that has been well accepted in our trial program,” said Halidou Tinto, director of the Health Sciences Research Institute and the trial’s principal investigator, in a statement released by the University of Oxford, England.


As exposed by the CBS News report, the new vaccine, entitled as R21 / Matrix-M, was developed by the Jenner Institute, belonging to the University of Oxford. The scientists who developed the immunizer are the same ones who produced the coronavirus vaccine, which is now distributed by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. In the recent trial, the malaria immunizer showed up to 77% efficacy in Phase II trials.

About 450 children from Burkina Faso – an African country –, aged between five months and two years, participated in the tests. The process took a total of 12 months. Participants were divided into three groups. The first group received a high dose of the vaccine, the second a low dose and the third group received a dose of the rabies vaccine as a placebo.

Researchers involved in the production of the immunizer reported an efficacy of 71% in the low-dose group and 77% in the high-dose group – in the meantime, R21 / Matrix-M becomes the first vaccine against malaria to meet the goal of the World Health Organization. For the agency, the immunizing agents currently produced must be at least 75% effective.

Next phases

To produce the R21 / Matrix-M, researchers at the Jenner Institute worked in collaboration with scientists at the Serum Institute of India and Maryland-based vaccine maker Novavax. To ensure the efficiency of the new immunizer, researchers need to carry out a new round of tests. Scientists are currently recruiting volunteers for Phase III trials.

According to information contained in the report released by CBS News, the researchers’ objective is to recruit 4,800 children, aged between five months and three years, in four African countries.

“We are looking forward to promoting the next trial, Phase III. With it, we can safely demonstrate the effectiveness of an immunizing agent that, in the future, will be used on a large scale not only in Africa but also in several other countries”, explained Tinto in an interview with CBS News.

“Malaria is one of the main causes of child mortality in Africa. These data show that licensing a new malaria vaccine is more than helpful. Fortunately, this can happen in the next few years,” said Alkassoum Maiga, professor and minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation in Burkina Faso. “This is the only tool capable of controlling malaria. It is with her that we will be able to save lives”.

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